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Your capacity is limited and you have to make a complex molecule in a short time?

If you've answered "yes", then we are at your disposal with advice and action. The transition from concept to reality is always a challenge that we are happy to accept, especially if you want to develop a new connection.

We at  SynphaBase AG are confident that we can work through the theoretical framework for the refinement and synthesis of high-quality compounds within your deadlines so that you can start your planned studies in good time. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you meet your challenges and deliver what you need when you need it.


Do you need a robust, scalable process for your interconnection or end connection (API)?

Together, we will develop a clear and targeted path to a secure, scalable, and cost-effective solution that meets the latest compliance requirements. Based on this, our team of experienced chemists will work with your team to deliver compounds with high yields and short sequences.

Contact us to let us know your priorities so we can give you our first thoughts and ideas on how to develop solutions that allow you to work with high quality connections at low cost and on time.


If you know what you want and need the product to meet demand, SynphaBase is also your preferred partner. We have the flexibility not only to use processes approved and developed by SynphaBase, but are also ready to apply your synthetic methods to the development of your product and to check the quality for consistency before shipping. We will establish a seamless collaboration and deliver on time and on budget.